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 Switzerland a little country. A great financial centre.

Switzerland as a Financial Centre

Switzerland's financial sector is of great importance to the national economy, employing about 6% of the total workforce and accounting for 10% of economic output.

The financial sector ensures that the Swiss economy is never short of the necessary capital or financial services. However, since such services are clearly of interest not just to legitimate businesses but also to criminal organisations and individuals, it is important to maintain safeguards against abuses. Switzerland is one of the most efficiently regulated and supervised financial centres in the world today (measures to combat money laundering and corruption, counter-measures in relation to the 'illegally acquired assets of politically exposed persons' etc). The Swiss Confederation works closely with other countries to actively combat organised crime and terrorism. Banking secrecy can be lifted in the context of international judicial assistance in criminal matters, specifically in cases that involve money laundering, corruption and tax fraud. This fact is often little known or appreciated abroad, or indeed even in Switzerland. The financial sector, the Department of Finance (DF), the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), and Swiss embassies and consulates abroad provide clarification on such matters. The DF, the DFA and the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) also represent the interests of Switzerland as a financial centre in international negotiations with various bodies (UN, EU, OECD, FATF).

Switzerland, although a small country, is home to no fewer than four national languages. People are used to speaking other languages and encountering different cultures in a spirit of understanding. The country is known for its long tradition of cosmopolitanism; many international institutions are domiciled here.

The banking system in this country is based on the principle of universality: all banks are permitted to offer the entire spectrum of banking services.

How big should your bank be?

In today’s financial world, the size of a bank is often seen as a measure of performance. In recent times, takeovers and mergers, some of immense magnitude, have hit the headlines. For customers, the bank’s individuality – the personal touch – often falls by the wayside. Advisors change, know-how is lost and proven structures are streamlined out of existence in the name of synergy.

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