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Gibraltar relishes from warm summers and mild winters - 300 days of sunshine - and a high quality of life with many sports and leisure facilities both in and around Gibraltar

A highly developed business services infrastructure, where you can Passport your EU licence in financial services such as insurance and reinsurance, EU-wide pensions, banking and funds administration, amongst others

Distribute competitively priced VAT-free products and services to the markets of the EU and Africa

Stable political and economic environment already appreciated by established investors and customers

An international airport with scheduled flights to the United Kingdom, along with proximity to Spanish regional airports at Málaga, Seville and Jerez
One of Europe’s most advanced fibre-optic telecommunications networks, providing quality solutions for business requirements

List of Gibraltar Banks
Offshore Bank in Gibraltar.



P.O. Box 100
Suite 731-4
Europort, Gibraltar
Tel.: 350 74474
Fax: 350 78512

Barclays Bank Plc

P.O. Box 187
Regal House
3 Queensway
Tel.: 350 78565
Fax: 350 79509

EFG Bank (Gibraltar) Ltd.

P.O. Box 561
1 Corral Road
Tel.: 350 40117
Fax: 350 40110

Jyske Bank (Gibraltar) Limited

P.O. Box 14376
76 Main Street
Tel.: 350 72782
Fax: 350 72732

Lloyds TSB Bank Plc

P.O. Box 482
323 Main Street
Tel.: 350 77373
Fax: 350 70023

NatWest Offshore Limited

P.O. Box 407
57 Line Wall Road
Tel.: 350 77737
Fax: 350 74557

Newcastle Building Society

Ground Floor
Regal House
Tel.: 350 42136
Fax: 350 42137

SG Hambros Bank (Gibraltar) Limited

P.O. Box 375
Hambros House
Line Wall Road
Tel.: 350 74850
Fax: 350 79037

The Royal Bank of Scotland International

PO Box 766
1 Corral Road


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