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Barbados is a sub-tropical island in the Caribbean; it is a member of Caricom, the Caribbean Common Market. Barbados has preferred quality to quantity, and has developed a remarkably wide range of offshore formats to suit all tastes! A good US tax treaty and the Foreign Sales Corporation legislation (now repealed) have particularly encouraged US interest; Canada has also been a traditional partner. The offshore insurance sector is as big as the BVI's, and there are 57 offshore banks.

List of Barbados Banks
Offshore Bank in Barbados.


Bank of Nova Scotia

1st Floor, CGI Tower
St. Michael
Tel.: 246 431 3100
Fax: 246 421 7110

Barbados National Bank Inc.

Independence Square
Tel.: 246 431 5700
Fax: 246 429 2606

Butterfield Bank (Barbados) Limited

The Mutual Bldg.
N� 1 Beckwith Place
Lower Broad Street
Tel.: 246 431 4500
Fax: 246 429 5734

First Caribbean International Bank (Barbados) Ltd.

Barbados Head Office
St. Michael
Tel.: 246 367 2300
Fax: 246 424 8977

RBTT Bank (Barbados) Ltd.

Lower Broad Street
Tel.: 246 431 2500
Fax: 246 431 2530

RBC Royal Bank of Canada

Broad Street
Tel.: 246 467 4000
Fax: 246 427 8393

DGM Trust Corp.

Chamberlain Place
Broad Street
Tel.: 246 427 6364
Fax: 246 425 4944

Signia Financial Group Inc.

1st Floor, Carlisle House
Hincks Street
Tel.: 246 429 7344
Fax: 246 434 0057


Alongside a really large selection of corporate formats, Barbados has many different taxes. Although the introduction of VAT in 1997 got rid of eleven of them, there are plenty left, and for a resident person rates are quite high. The structure of manufacturing and other incentives is complex, but properly used can reduce the tax burden substantially. It may be that fewer, simpler taxes would be beneficial; anyway, an offshore business will be able to avoid all taxation in one way or another.

In July 2000, Barbados pledged to make changes to its financial supervisory regime in order to have its name removed from an OECD blacklist; in February, 2002, shortly before the OECD finally published its long-delayed revised list, Barbados was removed.


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